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F    I    L    M    M    A    K    E    R    S

i llustrator|designer turned author|journalist|screenwriter, Yayoi began filmmaking in 1998 while living in Santa Monica. IMDB
recalling the sweet-natured Japanese war bride mothers she grew up around on military bases from Japan to Germany to Washington State, she's on a mission to tell their stories.  to her, they are beautiful, brave, bodacious & bad-ass!

arrigatou gozaimashita:

executive producer: Bob Smith
associate producer|casting: Raymond Tabata
camera|sound recorder: Sean Hardin
post-production animator: Michelle Jericho Poppler
post-production archival researcher: Lynn Hammonds
post-production audio remastering: Rob Lee
pre-production consultant: Jessica Chen Drammeh
production consultants: Richard Braunskill, Vera Zambonelli at Hawai'i Women in Filmmaking
production historians: Lily Anne Welty Tamai, Regina F. Lark
location scouts: Lily Anne Welty Tamai, Elaine Ambrose, Diana Portugal, Jean Lahn

family photos: Roleta Fowler Vasquez, Elaine Ambrose, Andy Campbell, Margaret Tinsley, M Craig, Diana Portugal, Myokei Caine Barrett, Yoshi Childs, Jean Lahn, Cassie Hayes, Dottie Putney, Doris Jackson, Naito Family of Tokyo
archival photos: Doug Price, The Library of Congress, The U.S. National Archives, Wikimedia Commons

music: Matthew "Music Pilgrim" Williams

cash and in-kind donations: Global Music Awards
in-kind accommodations: Ann Carli, Darnell J. Nelson

fiscal sponsor: From the Heart Productions
please donate here: Network for Good

Japanese War Brides and Their Chlidren faceboook group moderators:
Elaine Ambrose, Gayle Asano
ship manifests: Michele Thomas, USA Warbrides

arrigatou gozaimashita: Kageru Downtown Tokyo Cuisine & Sake Bar, Los Angeles California

hugs & kisses to Ming Ji & to all of our donors & supporters everywhere!