"...disowned by their families for marrying those who had bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki and then occupied Japan, Winfrey said. Others were rejected by their American in-laws for being foreigners."


"...By forgiving and marrying their former enemies, Japanese “war brides” also proved that love has the power to transcend war and hate."

Discover Nikkei

"...brings to light the stories and experiences of Japanese women who moved to America for love and family."

DIFT: Diversity in Film

"Some of the best WWII novels are tales of women from Europe who married soldiers of Allied forces who immigrated to their husbands’ countries after the war. But what about women from Japan who married American GIs? We hear very little about them. I imagine the challenges they faced must’ve been enormous, with the immense cultural differences and language barriers, and not to mention antagonism of people in a country with which your own was recently at war.

Thanks to Yayoi Winfrey, we can now get a closer glimpse of the lives of these women and the difficulties they faced when they chose to follow their hearts to a world unknown to them.”

best-selling author Alexa Kang

..."the one thing that comes across in all five segments of the documentary, "War Brides of Japan", is the positive environment these women provided for their families. They always encouraged their children to strive for the best and never give up; they led by example in almost all cases.

Yayoi Winfrey’s approach to the "War Brides of Japan, a docu*memory" conveys the incredible passion she feels toward her own war bride mother as she captures the emotion and the facts that were previously not revealed in other works dealing with the topic.”

best-selling author Kristine Ohkubo

..."STUNNING INTERVIEWS...Yayoi, a child of a WWII war bride family, spent years interviewing these brave women who left Japan with their American husbands of different races...(I'm) proud to have supported this series."

best-selling author Michael G. Malagan

..."I enjoyed watching each of the War Brides of Japan short stories. Disparate cultures meeting and sharing a life together against all odds back in those days. Your direction was seamless in the way you wove the stories together. I applaud you Ms. Filmmaker.”

award-winning writer Adele Nieto

..."Yayoi, whose late mother was a "War Bride of Japan," spent her own money and time producing this doc series with her priceless effort from the bottom of her heart...thank you for making these movies. I learned a lot!”

award-winning filmmaker Katsumi Tim Nagae

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